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Commending Li Cheng’an with “Outstanding Contribution Award” by Kazatomprom
Released at:03:37:00 2017-08-04

On July 20, Li Cheng’an, an expatriate employee of company and Deputy General Financial Manager of Semizbay-U Limited Liability Partnership (hereinafter referred to as “Semizbay-U”) currently, was granted with “Outstanding Contribution Award”, issued by Kazatomprom National Atomic Company (“Kazatomprom” for short). Li Cheng’an was the only Chinese employee who received this honor over the past decade of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan.

This honor is for commending domestic and foreign professional talents who make great contributions to Kazakhstan atomic energy field by Kazatomprom. Entrusted by Kazatomprom, Mr. Bakiyev General Manager of Semizbay-U awarded this honor to Li Cheng’an and other 10 local Kazakhstan employees at the twentieth anniversary celebrating the founding of Kazatomprom at Semizbay-U.

Mr. Bakiyev recalled all outcomes achieved by Kazatomprom over the past two decades, CGNPC Uranium Resources Co., Ltd. played an essential role in the cooperation project between China and Kazakhstan, while Semizbay-U established an example, and Li Cheng’an participated in and witnessed the ten-year cooperation.

Li Cheng’an has joined the team of cooperation project between China and Kazakhstan for ten years Since January 2007. From start of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan pellet project, natural uranium trade to successful opening of China-Kazakhstan component plant, Li Cheng’an participated in and witnessed the whole process of cooperation between both parties from scratch to greatness. In August 2016, Li Cheng’an was sent to Semizbay-U to hold the post of Deputy General Financial Manager, leading the expatriate team to perform the responsibility of supervision and positively devote themselves to all areas of Semizbay-U, including management and operation, so as to ensure low cost and sustainable development for Semizbay-U and effectively guarantee the investment interests of CGNPC Uranium Resources Co., Ltd.