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Operation of Semizbay-U, management and control of Fission

The Company will continue to participate in the operation management of Semizbay-U in 2020 to ensure the completion of its annual production, cost control target and the delivery of its committed offtake. Meanwhile, the Company will strengthen control on Semizbay-U’s expenses through participation in board meetings and decision-making to ensure that the annual expenditure budget is not exceeded. Base on effective corporate governance and the management through expatriate team, the Company is able     to exert its continuous influence on the finance, mining production and the operation of Semizbay-U to ensure its safe production and completion of the production plan. Additionally, in 2020, the Company  will actively advocate the adoption of new mine production processes and technologies as well as mine digitalization and to strengthen automated management, and procure Semizbay-U to devote more effort  in improving its resources/reserves in 2020 to support its sustainable development.


As to Fission, the Company will participate in and put impact on its decision-making of key issues through being its directors and will gradually strengthen the control over its technology and business management. In 2020, the Company will continue to urge Fission to complete the PLS Project feasibility study as planned and send personnel for technical exchanges with Fission, strengthen the review on the feasibility study report and formulate subsequent development plans for the PLS Project that fit market conditions.


 Expanding trade business proactively

The Group will strengthen business contacts with end-customers such as nuclear power plant owners, participate in international market bidding proactively, strengthen its analyses of market conditions and counterparty behaviours, seize market opportunities, develop new business models and explore new trading business opportunities to ensure the achievement of annual trade targets.



 Promoting the acquisition of new projects

While moving forward of the New Kazakhstan Uranium Project in 2020, the Company will also continue  to identify and track other overseas high-quality and low-cost uranium resources projects, paying special attention to on low-cost projects such as in-situ leachable sandstone uranium mines in Central Asia, and approach potential targets at appropriate timing. At the same time, the Company will seek to establish strategic cooperation relationships with internationally renowned uranium producers and traders, and explore the feasibility of jointly developing uranium mine projects in different modes.


 Enhancing investor relationship

In 2020, the Company will continue to put efforts in optimising investor relationships, presenting good corporate image, improving investors’ recognition, further enhancing investors on communications through various channels and interacting with more market participants. Additionally, it will reasonably strengthen its voluntary disclosure, striving for more transparent disclosure of information.