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From the view of the relationship between supply and demand in the overall natural uranium market, the imbalance between supply and demand has gradually eased, and the price of natural uranium is likely to rise slowly in the second half of the year. In this regard, we will ensure achieving the annual trade target to realize the revenue.

We will strengthen the management and control of existing assets, ensure that the invested companies will achieve the operating target and avoid the negative impact of risk events on the operations of the Company through taking the role in the board of those companies.

 As for Semizbay-U, we will focus on the achievement of its annual production target and the control of production costs to ensure the sales volume of natural uranium and guarantee the investment income of the Company; as for Fission, we will pay close attention to the control of exploration cost, exploration progress, confirmation of exploration results and the subsequent preparation of preliminary feasibility study report.

With regard to the ongoing projects, we will spare no efforts to put projects into implementation while maximizing the Company’s interests. During the year, we will strive to complete the acquisition of CGN Global to substantially expand the natural uranium international sales business. As for the new uranium mine project in Kazakhstan, we intend to organize mining experts and geological experts to conduct technical inspection in Kazakhstan in the second half of the year, so as to fully understand the production and resources of those two targeted uranium mine. In addition, the Company will continue to track high quality uranium projects and strive for new merger and acquisition opportunities.