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An Junjing’s Visit to Semizbay-U for Investigation Research
Released at:04:55:56 2018-08-28

On August 20, An Junjing, Chairman of CGN Mining Company, went to Semizbay-U for investigation research and had an informal discussion with expatriate team.

An Junjing heard the report on the production of two kinds of ores made by Mr. Baiisultanov (V.), Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of Semizbay-U. An Junjing recognized the outcome achieved by Semizbay-U since its founding over the ten years, and also highly praised stable production by Semizbay-U for ten consecutive years, zero safety accident as well as measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency taken by Semizbay-U under the low price of uranium. He requests Semizbay-U to keep staying alert to safety management and performance of work safety. Mr. Baiisultanov said he would try everything to do well in work safety of Semizbay-U so as to satisfy shareholders.

In addition, An Junjing made a detailed investigation research on project resources calculation, cost control, setting of institutional framework and posts, archives management, construction of enterprise culture, etc., and requested Semizbay-U to manage and control cost so as to push forward cost reduction and efficiency increase effectively.

An Junjing had an informal discussion with expatriate employees of Semizbay-U, concerning their life and work. He showed affirmation on expatriate team’s playing a positive role in promoting the integration of Chinese and Kazakhstan cultures, financial management, technical checks, etc. Mr. An hoped that the team can summarize experiences and apply them to other China-Kazakhstan cooperation projects widely.